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ask  about  our  in-utero  contracts  and prices!

(Listed in order of due dates/dates born.)

Temporary Name: Snickerdoodle (Doodle)
DOB: 3/23/23
Gender: Filly
Color/Pattern: Black/White, Tobiano
EMH: 14-14.2HH
Breeds: 50% Gypsy Vanner, 25% Oldenburg, 25% Welsh
Sire: Liam BEC
Dam: Moonfire's Ember SHR
Price: $5000
Can be registered with GHA and IGEA.

Name:  Daisy
DOB: 4/24/23
Gender: Filly
Color/Pattern: Bay & white, Tobiano
EMH: 15hh
Breeds: 50% Gypsy, 25%Oldenburg, 25% Quarter Horse
Sire: Liam BEC

Dam: Paint Me A Poppy BEC

Under contract to Wisconsin; congratulations!

Temporary Name: Stella
DOB: 6/24/23
Gender: Filly
50% Haflinger, 25% Gypsy, 25% Oldenburg
EMH: 14.2hh
Price: $5,000


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